DevOps Engineer

Company Description

Applied Academics is a small but growing company that creates a wide range of financial innovations through collaborations with top academics around the world, and partners with major financial institutions in commercializing them. Academic research and the researchers themselves remain severely underutilized by the finance industry, and the unconventional know-how required for working with academics to solve important real-world problems that we have accumulated over the years uniquely positions us to harness this untapped pool of intellectual capital.

Job Description

We are looking for a talented developer and tech enthusiast to assist us in building and maintaining a robust, reliable, and scalable technological infrastructure. You will envision, design, and implement the tools needed to keep pace with the growth of the company as we continue to add new clients. You will be our go-to person for creating and maintaining specialized algorithms to increase system efficiency and automate manual processes. We will look to you to write high-performance implementations of research ideas and deploy data- intensive applications at scale. You will also be strongly encouraged to actively and creatively contribute to our collaborative research efforts, drawing on a diverse background to offer insights along computational and scientific dimensions.

Must Haves

• Intellectual curiosity, propensity for original thought, and obsessive attention to detail
• Experience writing performance-critical code, implementing parallel/distributed computations, and working in a collaborative development environment
• Programming experience in C++, R, Python, SQL, and shell scripting
• Knowledge of databases and thoughtful practice in their design, construction, maintenance, use, and performance
• Experience using a cloud computing environment like AWS or Azure
• A diverse background working with different programming languages and tools, driven by an ability and eagerness to learn and adapt to new technologies
• A logical and thoughtful communication style

Nice to Haves

• Working knowledge of mathematics, statistics, probability theory, and finance
• Basic understanding of web applications and programming languages such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, RESTful API’s, and other related technologies
• Background in translating high-level interpreted scripts into efficient and secure encrypted client-facing programs

This position can be for an internship or a full-time role, and is based in midtown Manhattan. Starting salary will be in a competitive range based on candidate fit and experience, and equity participation may be considered. Above all, we value enthusiasm for the subject matter and a love of learning. So if you like the idea of working in a lean and high-caliber environment on projects that will be used by some of the world's largest financial institutions, we'd love to hear from you.

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