Applied Academics is a small but growing company that creates a wide range of financial innovations through collaborations with top academics around the world, and partners with major financial institutions in commercializing them. Academic research and the researchers themselves remain severely underutilized by the finance industry, and the unconventional know-how required for pushing ideas from academia to the industry that we have accumulated over the years uniquely positions us to harness this untapped pool of intellectual capital.

We are looking for a talented quantitative researcher to contribute to various projects including vetting and building systematic trading strategies, carrying out empirical analyses of financial markets, and developing technology around the firm's intellectual property. This is not a software development position; rather, it is a research position with a strong programming component.

Given the very nature of the firm's focus on turning new ideas into products, there is seldom a dull routine moment, and the researcher will be called upon to consistently produce creative and original ideas and execute them with rigor.

Must haves:

• Intellectual curiosity, propensity for original thought, and obsessive attention to detail 

• Experience applying advanced mathematical and statistical techniques to solving complex empirical problems 

• Experience programming numerical routines (e.g. in C++), using statistical tools (e.g. R), and working with scripting languages (e.g. Python), and a highly disciplined approach to coding

• Strong working knowledge of statistics (e.g. simulations, experiment design, hypothesis testing, and time series) and probability theory (e.g. stochastic processes and Markov chains)

• A logical and thoughtful communication style

Nice to have:

• Experience working in financial markets

The quantitative researcher position is full-time and based in midtown Manhattan. Starting salary will range between USD 80k ~ 120k depending on experience and fit, and the successful researcher can expect compensation to grow with the company. We also offer summer internships to exceptional students.

Above all, we value enthusiasm for the subject matter and a love of learning. So if you like the idea of working in a lean and high-caliber environment on projects that will be used by some of the world's largest financial institutions, we'd love to hear from you.

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